Do You

Want to

Confidently Create

Amazing Quilts?

3 Strategies 4 Amazing Quilts


Designed to give you strategies to build your confidence

  • Combining color
  • Learning to blend and create contrast
  • Creating movement

Enabling you to create the quilts of your dreams.  


Teach Me How 

Choose the time that best fits your schedule.

A replay will be provided in case none of these times works for you.

Plus to serve as a refresher when you want to review. 

Feb. 7th 12 PM Pacific
Feb. 11th 10 AM Pacific

Explore ~ Discover ~ Create

In 3 Strategies 4 Amazing Quilts we will:

  • Explore color.  Receive a simple, fool proof trick for combining color and fabric.  Enabling you to build confidence in your fabric choices.
  • Discover value.  Learn about this powerful tool.  Giving you control to create focus and interest in your quilts.
  • Create movement. Gain knowledge on what blocks move your eye across, up and down or around a quilt. Empowering you create amazing quilts you will love and be proud to share.

Remember the Excitement

of a new box of crayons.  The possibilities!  Let's recreate that excitement around your stash and scraps!  

I grew up in an artist home. I was encouraged to experiment and try new things.  I gained a love of creating.

Sadly I saw quilters at retreats stressed over choosing fabric for their quilt.  Upset when seams didn't match or points were cut off.  I even saw a few quilters brought to tears of frustration by well meaning instructors too ridged in their teaching style.

I thought, this is not right!  This is suppose to be fun!

I've created a nurturing teaching style.  Where I focus on strengths.  Build upon them.  Giving grace and space to learn and grow.   Just like my parents taught me.


Thanks for a great class!

- Susan C. 

Feb. 7th 12 PM Pacific

I have learned so much! 

-Fiz Standish

Loved your inspiration


Feb. 11th 10 AM Pacific

Get Excited,

Build Confidence,

Create Amazing Quilts

With simple to use tools designed to enable you to confidently choose fabric. 

Giving you power to create a focal point and interest in your quilts.

Empowering you to create amazing quilts that you are proud to share.

Choose your time, get empowered and start creating amazing quilts

Feb. 7th 12 PM Pacific
Feb. 11th 10 AM Pacific