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about creating amazing quilts! 

Stash Busting Design is a four week course designed to help you turn your scraps & stash into beautiful quilts.

Take advantage of my over 25 years of quilting experience.  Tap into my tried and true tips and tricks. 

I grew up in an artist home.  In fact it was better stocked than some craft stores. I was encouraged to experiment and try new things.  I grew to  a love of creative process.

I want to help you experience that joy.  Come with me on a journey to explore color.  Discover the impact value has on your quilts.  Learn how to create movement for interest.

Take the stress out of fabric choices.  The fear out of combining fabric and blocks with flow.  The anxiety of creating a quilt that doesn't live up to your expectations

You have AMAZING quilts to create!  

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Turn Scraps & Stash into

Beautiful Quilts

By the end of Stash Busting Design You'll have

  • Strategies to find &use your scraps
  • Knowledge of Value and Color
  • Awareness of Your Best Method 
  • Ability to Combine Quilt Units in a Cohesive Design 
  • Confidence to Turn Your Scraps into Beautiful Quilts

Create Some Magic

With your scraps and stash

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If you’re an quilter. Who's scrap bins are out of control. You love beautiful quilts but have limited time.  Your confidence is lacking and your just want to feel productive with less overwhelm.  Then you already know that…. learning how to turn scrappy mess into beautiful quilts is a must.  

Reflect back on the quilts that created those scraps.  They are beautiful.  They bring comfort and joy to others.  You felt good about what you accomplished.  Bits to Beauty will enable you to repeat that process.  This time with the scraps  you've created. Don't let those precious bits go to waste.  Let's turn them into beautiful quilts

Thank you very much for the workshop.  You did a great job!  You have already given me many ideas for how I can make other Scrappy Stars.   I feel that you’ve allowed me to think up ideas on my own.

- Brenda


Fizz's Stash Design Quilt

I am loving it! I have learned so much, it is well worth the money and I am excited to do another course with you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge 

-Fizz Standish


I am so proud of myself and have gained so much confidence in designing a quilt.
Thank you so much. I LOVE IT!!!! So happy I took this workshop.



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"It's like I was in a box before Stash Busting Design.  Your class took the lid off."


What’s Inside Stash Busting Design


Module 1

The Perfect Scrap Pull

Module Description: Strategies to make your scraps accessible and easy to find and use. Knowledgeable tips on color theory. Learn how to mix and combine colors in beautiful ways.  Discover the impact value has on your quilts.  

Module Highlights:

  • Strategies for scrap use
  • Color theory
  • The power of value
Module 2

Creating a Quilt Plan

Module Description: Learn what a quilt plan is and why it is important.  Choose one of the three different quilt plans to play and design with.    Get outside the box as we explore the possibilities to include in that quilt plan. Allowing you to design and create a quilt you can be proud of. 

Module Highlights:

  • Discover what a quilt plan is
  • Explore possibilities in your quilt plan
  • Designing your own quilt plan
Module 3

Making Quilt Units

Discover your best method for creating basic quilt units.  Ensuring that your piecing is accurate adding a professional look to your quilts.  Explore potential unit combinations expanding the possibilities for your unique quilt.  Then learn how to scale these units  for variety and interest. 

Module Highlights:

  • Discover your best & most accurate method
  • Explore possible unit combinations
  • Learn how to scale units
Module 4

Creating Your Quilt

Using your quilt plan arrange your quilt.  Apply strategies for cohesion and interest.  Utilize tips and tricks to assemble your quilt top

Module Highlights:

  • Implement your quilt plan
  • Apply strategies for cohesion & interest 
  • Assemble your quilt top

When you enroll during this special limited time period, 

You'll get:


4 Modules-  

To walk you from start to finish in creating a beautiful scrap quilt. A new module is given each week.  Giving you a manageable time frame to move your quilt forward.

Color & Value Know How

Learn how to use these tools to create cohesion and interest in your quilt. Enabling you to add zing and pop where you want them.

Quilt Unit Basics

Find your best methods for making squares, half square triangles and flying geese.  Ensuring accuracy and success in your piecing

Inspiration & Possibilities

Get outside the box as you apply tips, tricks and strategies for turning your scraps into beautiful quilts.

4 months of an Interactive Community

Receive challenges to keep you on track.  Share your progress.  Get answers to questions.



Katy's Stash Busting Design


Helen's Stash Busting Design


-Wendy's Stash Busting Design


Plus These Bonuses to Help You Go From Scraps to Quilts 


Bonus 1

Cheat Sheets

to make creating and scaling quilt units quick and easy.

A $35 Value

What You’ll Get:

Clear easy to follow cheat sheets to make half square triangles, flying geese and four patches quick and easy.  Plus all you need to make them in multiple sizes

  • How to cheat sheets for basic units
  • Charts with measurements to scale basic units
  • All in a pretty and easy to use pdf download
Bonus 2

Strategies to take you from scraps to finished quilt 

From finding the perfect fabric pull to assembling your quilt

(A $50 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Tried and true methods for gathering scraps for your quilt.  How to best assemble the units and blocks.  Plus systems to create cohesion and interest in your quilt

  • Strategies for finding and using your fabric scraps
  • Best methods for making units and blocks
  • Systems to create cohesion and interest
Bonus 3

Over 15 years of scrap quilting and design experience

Let me save you time and headaches.  Tap into my 15 + years of teaching and designing quilts.  

A $100 Value

What You’ll Get:

Patient, laid back instructions. Near real time access to any  questions you may have.  Abundant examples to guide and inspire.  

  • Patient, experienced instructor
  • Near real time access to any questions
  • Examples and inspiration
Bonus 4

Access to the Block Library

Fill your quilt plans with any of the dozens of quilt block patterns  

A $100 Value

What You’ll Get:

PDF instructions for dozens of scrap busting quilt block patterns  

  • Available in mulitiple sizes
  • Accuquilt die numbers for quick cutting
  • Multiple color ways
Bonus 5


4 months of an Interactive Community

A $50 value

To help you connect and share

  • Receive challenges to keep you on track. 
  • Share your progress. 
  • Plus interact with other students in a safe environment.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Bits to Beauty - A $185 Value

  • Cheat Sheets - $35 Value
  • Start to finish strategies - $50 Value
  • Experience - $100 Value

Total Value: $185

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $185

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. You are feeling overwhelmed by your over flowing scrap bins
  2. You love scrap quilts but are not yet confident in your ability to create them.
  3. You love creating and giving a quilt your own personal flare.
  4. You already enjoy quilting
  5. Not sure you can mix and match all those different colors, prints and pieces to make something beautiful.
  6. Love snuggling under and sharing quilts with others.
  7. You're ready to discover just how many quilts you already have hiding in your stash and scraps.

I can’t wait for you to join STASH BUSTING DESIGN!

I find so much joy creating and sharing my quilts.  I know that quilters are creative generous people.  I want to help you use those gifts to make the world a softer, kinder place.  I know that by sharing my knowledge of scrap quilting it will enable you to make and share more quilts.  That together we can find and share joy through quilting. 

So if you've got scraps.  You find joy in creating quilts.  Then let's bust some scraps and make beautiful quilts.  I'm here to help you every step of the way. 




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